Creative Strategist, Visual Designer, Storyteller & NASM Certified Trainer.


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Who Am I?

I go by Daon (day-on), I’m a first generation Jamaican-American creator. My content surrounds topics like self-improvement, social dynamics & critical-thinking.

My journey started way back when I was a kid. Back in those days, I was just a mild-mannered child who happened to have a thick accent.

Naturally, this led to me being afraid to speak because of the teasing I would receive from the other kids. Eventually it caused me to develop a speech impediment, become discouraged with talking & also be uncomfortable in social environments.

What Changed?

As I reached my teenage years, things got better but I was still trying to find my footing. In time, this led me to seeking to improve who I was.

As I approached my late teenage years, I knew I had o change to make a way for myself & long story short, I fell in love with working out.

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Moving Forward

Fitness & working out allowed me to build myself physically & mentally, while also seeing the fruits of my labor over time.

A couple years into my fitness journey, I started posting on Instagram & growing my platform there. But I knew I wanted to do more — I wanted to share my mind & be more comfortable speaking publicly.

Enter: My YouTube Channel. 

YouTube has really allowed me to use my mind & creativity, and put it on a canvas.

I should also mention that acquiring skills like web design, videography, UX, etc have played a major role in my growth.

As of writing this, I’m still on the road to improving & making positive changes.

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