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My 2021 Reflections, Lessons & A Recap

As 2021 ends & 2022 approaches, I thought I’d reflect on my latest trip around the sun.

I’ll Never Be 100%

And in this case, I use term “never” loosely.

What I mean is: I will never feel perfectly fine mentally, physically and emotionally all at the same time, every single day — but I shouldn’t let that stop me from being great.

One of my biggest mental hurdles has been my belief that I need to have everything right before I do the work that I know is necessary.

Ultimately, waiting until I’m at my best is just another form of procrastination.

I’ve found way more progress & success by simply touching base each day & being consistent. Even if it’s for a few minutes.

Being Passionate Makes it Easier

It’s true. Being passionate about what you do makes things way easier.

Who’d have thunk it?

Meetings, Zoom Calls & Consultations aren’t really my thing. After a few months into the year, I pivoted towards my personal brand over here at leanbuff.com — it’s become my main focus.

Daily writing and creating content are apart of many tasks I do, but it’s much easier working on things I’m knowledgable about versus having to deal with clients;

But to each their own. I guess being a solopreneur is goal of mine.

Speaking of being knowledgable….

Don’t Try To Do Everything

I’ve always prided myself on being a jack-of-many-trades. Too bad it never really got me anywhere.

“When you try to do everything, you’ll end up accomplishing nothing”.

– Me

This year, I really honed in on my personal skillset and narrowed down what I wanted my personal brand to be about. It’s in my bio pretty much everywhere.

Narrowing down my skillset gave me clarity & direction. Two things very difficult to have when the mind is all over the place.

What’s Next

For starters, I definitely learned more than 3 lessons this year, but I just couldn’t think of them while writing lol. Maybe I’ll add them as I go or do another post in the future.

My 2022 Goals

My major goal for next year is : Post 50 YouTube videos

YouTube has always been something I wanted to excel at. I know there’s tons of potential on that platform & I’m more than capable of building something I’m proud of.

Until next year.

2021 Recap

leanbuff tech setup 1 Dalton Monoqor
My new tech setup.
Copy of milwaukee bucks won the title leanbuff dalton green 1 Dalton Monoqor
milwaukee bucks won the title leanbuff dalton green 1 Dalton Monoqor
My favorite team won the NBA championship!
cooking food nutrition leanbuff dalton green 1 Dalton Monoqor
I got even better at cooking & improved my smoothies.
testing autopilot on tesla dalton green leanbuff 1 Dalton Monoqor
Driving an early Tesla Model Y in autopilot for the first time.

Sharing 5 of my favorite hair & skin products before my self-cut 💈 #selfcare #type4hair #blackmenoftiktok #lifestyle

♬ original sound – Dalton
I started my TikTok account!

In closing

Had a lot to recap but wanted to finish this within an hour. For productivity and whatnot.

May end up updating tis with anything I forgot.

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