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Welcome To My Website & Blog

What’s up reader? Crazy seeing you here.

I wanted to welcome you to my website & blog. My goal is to share the knowledge I’ve learned over the past several years in regards to my fitness journey. The mistakes, setbacks, successes & techniques are all on the table here.

You may have first seen my content over on social media but if you’re not familiar, I started my fitness journey back in 2013 and haven’t looked back. Working out became a huge part of my personal growth. Not just physically, but also from the mental aspect.

Ultimately, fitness, tech & design have been major parts of my life up until this point and I look forward to covering them here.

If you’re interested in checking out more of my content, be sure to follow me over on Twitter and Instagram, like my Facebook page and also subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Check out my quick video below to get a quick laugh and learn a bit more about me.


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